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God’s Blessings | Jeff Usner on CBN’s 700 Club

One of the most successful self-made millionaires in the country, Jeff Usner appeared on CBN’s 700 Club to share how God has blessed him in his business and personal life and how he endeavors to pay it forward. Check out the interview recap and learn how Jeff uses his business to give back and how you can do the same and achieve the success he now enjoys – Jeff Usner on CBN

The strategy that the internet millionaire implemented in his life and work is what he details on his new book, Internet Millionaire: Your Blueprint to Succeed. On the 700 Club show, he explains why this strategy is important for other businessmen and internet marketers to adopt because it will allow them to do less but be more and give back.


Find out how Jeff does what he does best in business and in life and get plugged in to the 700 Club show today.


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Overcoming Tragedy & Turning it to Success with Jeff Usner

In a new video Secret Millionaire Jeff Usner answers one of the biggest questions from his followers regarding his secret to overcoming tragedy and turning it to big time success. The internet millionaire reveals his life principle that has made all the difference.

Since the airing of his episode on ABC’s Secret Millionaire, Jeff Usner poised this questions to his fans: “If you had an hour to ask me anything, anything at all, what would it be?

The absolute, number one response was - how was he able to press through the challenges in his life (his huge dept, a fatal stroke, and the death of his son)?

Find out Jeff’s answer and more in the video below ->

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Life Changing Secrets from Secret Millionaire Jeff Usner

Another fruitless day at the office – working all the time is bad enough but working long hours and not making enough to get by that’s got to be the all time low. Not to mention the ever growing mountain of debt that threatens to completely take over your life.

Does this sound familiar? It does to internet millionaire Jeff Usner, recently featured on ABC’s Secret Millionaire. Less than a decade ago Jeff was over $100,000 in debt, working long – fruitless hours, and barley spending any time with his young family. Fast forward ten years and Jeff is now completely out of debt, making millions upon millions of dollars through his online businesses, and generating more than 40,000 leads sales each month. What changed? Well, a lot of things. But let’s not get caught up in the details -

Jeff has a heart for people stuck in situations like the one he started from… Situations that leave people broke, hopeless, unhappy, stressed, and depressed. So his goal is to help as many as he can by training them up in the business strategies and secrets that turned his life around.
Check out the video below to “get your feet wet” and introduce yourself to some life-changing training secrets from Secret Millionaire Jeff Usner.

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Internet Millionaire Jeff Usner Stars on ABC’s Hit Reality Show Secret Millionaire 2012

Internet Millionaire Jeff Usner is proud to announce that he is starring in Secret Millionaire, ABC’s Hit Reality TV Show. This is one of the many reasons why the Secret Millionaire show is much anticipated. There is a lot to learn from the show and while the amount of money the millionaires will give stirs the curiosity of the audience, Jeff Usner Secret Millionaire offers more than that and provides many life lessons too, both from the millionaires and from the people in the community too. In the end of the Secret Millionaire show, the audience can learn how they made it to the top. This is a very big point of interest of a lot of people these days particularly because many are struggling to reach their goals and achieve their dreams too. Similar to where the charity participants, the audience wants to know the key to success and what it takes to go to the next level.  On the other hand, the Secret Millionaires have a lot to learn from the common folk within the community too. They may not have much but that does not stop them from dreaming big and focusing their efforts to become more than what they are. In every episode of Jeff Usner Secret Millionaire, the power and resiliency of these people shine through and in these hard times it is quite refreshing to see positivity especially in places where it is least expected.

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Internet Millionaire Author Jeff Usner Shares His Secrets to Making Millions on the Internet

jeff usner internet millionaireInternet Millionaire author Jeff Usner shares a threefold plan to achieve online business success. For many individuals wishing to make money off the web, the insights of a really good Internet Millionaire author prove to be gold. It is difficult to figure out the money making schemes of the online world but when you have good guidance from a generous, clever, and effective author, half the job is done for you. In anything, success always begins with how much you know before you execute so by following the suggestions and examples of a successful Internet Millionaire author, making it online becomes a clearer and much easier task. Here are some nuggets of wisdom that can be learned from Internet Millionaire author, Jeff Usner. Jeff is an experienced online business and marketing pro that has helped big and small corporations alike, including many start up internet marketers clean up their act and put together a reliable, profitable, and functional system to increase revenue and keep them coming. These big tips from this Internet Millionaire author can guide you to reach your goals and enjoy big time success in an efficient and fun way without having to learn from horrible, money wasting mistakes.

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Author Jeff Usner Shares All in His New Book: Internet Millionaire – Your Blue Print to Succeed

The first lesson from Jeff Usner is the importance of understanding the customer base. Most online marketers do not get far because they are trying to approach the marketing field from their point of view. What they do not realize, according to this Internet Millionaire author, is the fact that these people they are trying to sell to are already tired of being sold. There are tons of online marketers throwing them one sales page after another and most of the time they do not want to hear any sales pitch unless they are purposely looking for it. So to quell this distaste for internet marketers, the Internet Millionaire author advises aspiring marketers to establish trust first from the target customers. How is this established? The Internet Millionaire authors suggest giving free content, free stuff, or free anything to your customers first before trying to sell them. It is a gesture that you value them and you are concerned about meeting their needs first than making money. If you happen to drop by the many popular websites of this Internet Millionaire author, you will find that you can get a lot of valuable stuff which will help you address your immediate needs and they are all for free.

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Jeff Usner is the Premier Internet Millionaire

Another way to get your customers to like you is to established credibility, suggest this Internet Millionaire author. Inferior websites, low value content, and useless freebies will not carve your way to success. The key to getting people on your side is to provide them something more than what is available to them or something more than they can get compared to other businesses or other websites. It does not take much to build quality. If there is one thing this Internet Millionaire author knows, it is the value of investing time, care, and attention to people and most of the time they will reward you double of what you have given. Lastly, this Internet Millionaire author encourages you to keep on believing in what you want to do and keep on working hard to reach your successes. Every day, you will be faced with people and other entities telling you to stop wasting your time and do something different which they think is better and will yield more money. The Internet Millionaire author even says sometimes you will find yourself saying negative things to yourself too! But the point is to keep on moving forward. This Internet Millionaire author had had his share of downs too but the key to reaching the top is to never stop pushing forward.

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