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God’s Blessings | Jeff Usner on CBN’s 700 Club

One of the most successful self-made millionaires in the country, Jeff Usner appeared on CBN’s 700 Club to share how God has blessed him in his business and personal life and how he endeavors to pay it forward. Check out the interview recap and learn how Jeff uses his business to give back and how you can do the same and achieve the success he now enjoys – Jeff Usner on CBN

The strategy that the internet millionaire implemented in his life and work is what he details on his new book, Internet Millionaire: Your Blueprint to Succeed. On the 700 Club show, he explains why this strategy is important for other businessmen and internet marketers to adopt because it will allow them to do less but be more and give back.


Find out how Jeff does what he does best in business and in life and get plugged in to the 700 Club show today.


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Life Changing Secrets from Secret Millionaire Jeff Usner

Another fruitless day at the office – working all the time is bad enough but working long hours and not making enough to get by that’s got to be the all time low. Not to mention the ever growing mountain of debt that threatens to completely take over your life.

Does this sound familiar? It does to internet millionaire Jeff Usner, recently featured on ABC’s Secret Millionaire. Less than a decade ago Jeff was over $100,000 in debt, working long – fruitless hours, and barley spending any time with his young family. Fast forward ten years and Jeff is now completely out of debt, making millions upon millions of dollars through his online businesses, and generating more than 40,000 leads sales each month. What changed? Well, a lot of things. But let’s not get caught up in the details -

Jeff has a heart for people stuck in situations like the one he started from… Situations that leave people broke, hopeless, unhappy, stressed, and depressed. So his goal is to help as many as he can by training them up in the business strategies and secrets that turned his life around.
Check out the video below to “get your feet wet” and introduce yourself to some life-changing training secrets from Secret Millionaire Jeff Usner.

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Secret Millionaire Jeff Usner – From Zero to Hero (just like that)

ABC’s Secret Millionaire provides the public with a glimpse inside the lives of millionaires, who they are and what they are really like. There are some participants in the show who are well known but many of the featured millionaires are living low profile lives. There are even some who are reluctant to join the show to avoid calling attention to themselves. The stories of these millionaires, how they built their business or where they started, are all revealed in the show too.

For those looking to build their own businesses this Secret Millionaire show can be a great inspiration because of the strategies, tips, and encouragement shared by people who have been there before. Who else better to provide advice on how to become a millionaire than a millionaire featured in the Secret Millionaire?

Secret Millionaire Jeff Usner takes it one step farther – he not only shared his tips on the show (his episode airs this Sunday, July 15th at 8pm), but he’s gone on to write a book filled with easy to follow, step by step strategies and tips that helped him build his business to what it is today!

Read more about Jeff Usner and how he’s continuing to give back – Secret Millionaire Jeff Usner

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